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Taxi Legal articles and topics relating to taxi licence refusal and revocation.

Fit and proper redefined

In this article I will look at the current position with regards to fit and proper and then how this will change in the near future once the statutory guidance is adopted.

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Refusing fares – what is the law?

There have recently been a number of news reports about taxi passengers being left stranded by licensed drivers who refused to take them on short journeys.

When does the law permit a taxi driver to refuse a fare?

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DfT task group response and consultation

The DfT response and consultation following the taxi Task & Finish Group report including, mandatory CCTV requirement, cross border enforcement, national standards, mandatory training etc.

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Taxi & private hire fees

It is the time to the year when licensing authorities are setting their fees for the next financial year. It is important that taxi and private hire licence holders understand the law relating to fee setting.

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Taxi legal services when you need them

Taxi Defence Barristers are taxi legal team who specialise in helping drivers who have had their licences refused or revoked. Our barristers have challenged the decisions of TfL and the PCO for many clients. We don’t underestimate importance of guiding clients through the complexities of hackney carriage and private hire laws. We ensure our clients understand at each stage what is going on.
Please contact us to discuss your taxi license refusal or revocation.