Getting Help with Taxi Licence Appeals

Taxi licence appeals can be complex and in order to have the highest chance of success you need to be discussing your case with dedicated taxi defence barristers. The taxi licensing authorities have wide reaching authority to revoke and suspend licences. On occasion these powers can be misapplied and these issues can be successfully appealed at magistrates court. Getting the correct advice and intervening at the earliest possible stage can be critical. On occasion, through careful negotiation and mediation a licensing authority may be persuaded to reinstate a taxi licence without going to court. This of course would depend on the facts of the individual case.

We deal with taxi licence appeals in the following areas:

Taxi Licence Appeals
Hackney carriage licences
Operators licences
Minibus and Coach Hire
Private Hire vehicle licences
Fleet Operators

Taxi law specialists

Taxi licence appeals are a specialised area of the law. With taxi drivers in the UK and particularly in London perhaps some of the most regulated anywhere in the world it is not unusual for issues to come up with regard to licensing. Taxi Driver Defence Barristers provide and expert, comprehensive taxi licence appeals service in the following circumstances:

A comprehensive taxi licence appeals service

Taxi Defence Barristers can help appeal your case in the following circumstances.

  • Have you had a refusal to issue or grant a taxi license (including hackney carriages, private hire vehicles and Operator’s licenses)?
  • Has your existing taxi licence is revoked or suspended?
  • Have restrictions and prohibitions been placed on a license?
  • Have conditions been attached to a taxi license?
  • Has a license been refused to you or are you facing revocation of a taxi licence on the grounds of ill health and disability?
  • We can represent you at disciplinary hearings.
  • We can help draft the Appeal Notice.
  • We can apply to suspend the taxi license revocation before the appeal is heard.

Local authorities vary in their approach to taxi licensing. Often you will have a right to appeal directly to the Licensing committee. There is a right of appeal to the magistrate’s court if the licensing committee uphold the refusal and thereafter in certain circumstances to the Crown Court. When and where to make an appeal is a strategic decision and that timing can be critical.
We can advise you on your position regarding the legalities or the case, discuss evidence with you and technical defences. Defend your income – let us defend your taxi license.

Common reasons for taxi licence appeals

    • Failure to disclose a criminal or serious motoring conviction,
    • Licensing Authority will arguing you don’t meet the “fit and proper person” criteria  to hold a licence due to demonstrating other “bad conduct”.
    • Customer complaints
    • Dishonesty.
    • Getting arrested or convicted of a criminal offence in the Magistrates Court or the Crown Court which has led to the suspending of the license.
    • Vehicle maintenance and safety issued
    • You may also find yourself facing a serious criminal charge before the Crown Court or the magistrates Court. In such circumstances, our taxi legal service focuses on defence of both a criminal charge and the taxi license revocation.

A tight timescale

If you are facing potential taxi license revocation you will normally have just 21 days in which an appeal can be lodged. Failure to comply with the deadline can result in an automatic rejection of your appeal – even if you have very good grounds to defend your license. We are London based and have experience of defending taxi revocation appeals before local licensing authorities across the country

We are here to help!

Taxi Driver Defence Barristers are an expert team who specialise in taxi licence refusal and revocation appeals. Our taxi barristers have had significant success in challenging the decisions of TfL and the PCO. Our barristers don’t underestimate importance of guiding clients through the complexities of hackney carriage laws. We make sure our clients understand at each stage what is happening and why.
Please contact us to discuss your taxi licence appeal.