KM contacted Taxi Defence Barristers having been referred by his Union. He was not covered by his indemnity and the Union refer him to us as they have other clients previously. KM had little understanding of the process, but was clearly shocked at the behaviour of both UBER and TfL. Neither UBER nor TfL had conducted any investigation or proper assessment of the merits of the complaints received. TfL revoked his licence and taxi defence barristers appealed to regain his private hire licence. Following detailed preparation of a robust appeal, the Magistrates’ overturned the decision of TfL. They were very concerned about a continuing pattern of negative reviews being treated as complaints and then acted upon without any scrutiny. So concerned were they in this case they awarded FULL COSTS against TfL for their unreasonable behaviour. 

The pattern that has built up over a number of years with TfL is disturbing. They collate negative reviews by riders (often left anonymously and always without the driver knowing) and refer to them as complaints. Then, without any investigation or scrutiny, they take action on a licence by revoking or refusing to renew without providing any rationale or explanation. The Courts are growing wise to this trend and are taking the time to scrutinise the value of this evidence. In this case, the Court overwhelming ruled against TfL with a costs order in full. KM is clearly a hard-working decent man who got stung by an angry review designed to hurt his career. The Court put it right, and we are absolutely delighted for him.

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