We were instructed to assist in an appeal against TfL’s refusal to renew our client Private Hire driver’s licence.

TfL received information from our client’s Operator and found, after consideration, that it was not sufficient to compromise the ‘fit and proper’ status of our client. TfL subsequently reversed this position and found that it did compromise our client’s status and refused the renewal of his Private Hire driver’s licence.

An appeal was heard at the Magistrate’s Court, however the bench did not appreciate our argument and the appeal was denied.

Remaining convinced that the merits of our case were strong, we lodge a further appeal to the Crown Court. After clearly demonstrating the conflicting decisions of TfL and the timeline of such, the Judge agreed. He found that following a review of information received, TfL had determined had that our client continued to be a fit and proper person and that he concurred with that decision. He went on to question why, with no additional information, TfL determined the opposite and refused the renewal. His Honour upheld our appeal and invited TfL to be more careful to ensure a consistent application of their policy.

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