The Private Hire licence of our client (N) had been summarily revoked by TfL on the grounds of information provided to them from Uber which alleged that two attempts to log-in to the platform had been conducted at nearly the same time and yet some distance apart.

Taxi Defence Barristers were able to clearly show that a) the information provided by Uber to TfL was neither reliable nor accurate and b) that TfL had failed in their duty to investigate the information provided by Uber and that their decision to revoke with immediate effect had been wrong.

Furthermore, our case had been sent to TfL on two separate occasion prior to the hearing date in an effort to avoid having to go to court. On both occasions TfL maintained their position – however the Magistrates did not agree with their position and upheld our client’s appeal.

The Courts are usually loathe to award costs against TfL on the grounds that, whilst they may occasionally make an incorrect decision, they should not be financially punished for doing what they are supposed to do i.e. protect public safety. However, in this case, the bench awarded some of our clients costs on the basis that TfL had simply accepted the information from Uber and therefore failed in their duty to investigate prior to revoking the licence.

Speaking at the conclusion of his case, N said:

 “I contacted Taxi Defence Barristers when I lost my private hire licence after Uber accused me of double logging.

“Taxi Defence Barristers prepared the case and represent me, and we won against TFL .

“I can never recommend them enough. We will be forever grateful to Taxi Defence Barristers. PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO INSTRUCT them.”

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