A Private Members’ Bill will focus on ‘overhauling’ taxi and private hire licensing. We look what might be expected.

The Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles (Safeguarding and Road Safety) Bill was introduced by Peter Gibson MP, Conservative MP for Darlington. 

The Bill itself has not been published yet but seeks to  “make provision about licensing in relation to taxis and private hire vehicles for purposes relating to the safeguarding of passengers and road safety; and for connected purposes.”

The Bill in more detail

Mr Gibson, speaking to Taxi Point, said “This Bill will ensure that the hard working and honest taxi and private hire vehicles drivers do not have their reputations tarnished by the small number that abuse their position of trust and do not respect their role as a professional driver.”

This Bill will be in two parts:

  1. The creation of a centralised database for use by all licensing authorities in England to enable them to obtain vital information when considering the suitability of licence applicants.
  2. Licensing authorities will be required to report any “serious safeguarding or road safety concerns”, to the licensing authority which issued an individual of concern with a licence, “requiring the licensing authorities to consider reviewing an individual’s licence.”

Mr Gibson said: ““This legislation will mitigate the risk of unsuitable individuals working the current system to their advantage, with not all licensing authorities currently having access to the same data. Although most authorities do already adhere to good practices when considering whether to grant licences, they don’t currently all have access to data, or indeed share their data on refusals and revocations with other local authorities.”

The Bill will have its second reading on 10 September when the actual Bill document will be published.

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