YI approached us to assist in an appeal to the Crown Court against the revocation of his Private Hire Driver’s licence.

Regrettably, he had not been successful in his attempt to convince the Magistrates’ Court of his argument. The revocation was based on a single allegation of sexual impropriety in 2018, passed to TfL by Uber.

We prepared a bundle of evidence that cast significant doubt on the veracity of the allegation and the insufficiency of the investigation of the complaint by both TfL and Uber. We successfully persuaded the Court that  there was nothing in our client’s 27 year career as a licence holder to support the notion that he posed a threat to public safety.

In fact, we were able to show that quite the contrary was true. We went on to carefully highlight the relevant sections of TfL’s own policy to show the Crown Court that TfL had been incorrect in their determination.

The Court wholly agreed with our arguments and stated that they did not find a reason to support a revocation and that TfL had not been correct in doing so.

Speaking after the heating, YI commented:

“I would like to thank you for preparing my defence.  On the day Ms Crew defended me and argued my case very well and I would like to thank her again for what she has done. 


“I am so happy that the outcome worked in our favour and the judge did not believe the truthfulness of the allegations thrown at me and found TFL wasn’t right to revoke my licence.


“I take this opportunity to thank you all again, for clearing my name from this untrue allegations.”

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