Taxi Defence Barristers have successfully overturned a decision to revoke our client’s drivers licence. We argued that both TfL and Uber’s approach is unfair and prejudicial.

In this case, GB approached us following the revocation of his Transport for London (TfL) licence. They had done so on the basis that UBER had dismissed him from their platform following a facial verification check question.

They determined that two logins occurred some distance apart and that he was therefore operating dishonestly.  Many cases of alleged double logins are occurring due to UBER carrying out inaccurate spot checks. They rely on GPS and are absent any form of investigation or verification. TfL are compounding these wrong decisions by failing to follow their own policy and failing, as is becoming usual, to carry out any investigation at all before revoking the licences of innocent drivers.

“We know many drivers are failing to win these cases because of a lack of proper representation.”

There have been many of these cases and we had already won such cases against TfL due to their failure to follow their own policy and process and a complete failure to present evidence answering clear questions over the assumption made by UBER in these matters.

In this case we compiled a strong and compelling case attacking the allegation by UBER and TfL’s behaviour in the matter. We pointed out that TfL have issued a revocation notice before even receiving notification from UBER and without any investigation at all into the matter.

We argued that TfL breached their own policy at paragraph 4.5 and that the evidence was multiple hearsay and nothing but assumption and supposition. The Court agreed entirely with our appeal and reversed the decision of TfL affirming that they were wrong.

GB commented on their case:

“I was very confident from the first interview about my case . They understand me and all my questions.  I advise any one similar to my case to Kings View Chambers.”

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