GM contacted Taxi Defence Barristers having been refused a private hire licence by TfL. TfL decided he was not fit and proper on the basis of his DBS. 

Although he had convictions dated 7 years ago TfL failed to properly consider them or correctly categorise them. 

Taxi Defence Barristers formed a strong appeal on two fronts. The first was that TfL had again failed to properly categorise the offences. They related to unregulated and unlicensed street gambling – TfL wrongly asserted they were dishonesty offences.

The second was that TfL have failed in the round to take account of the period of time since the convictions and all the evidence presented of good character and good works. 

The Court agreed on both fronts and found in favour of our arguments in entirety. They also awarded costs to our client against TfL due to their conduct in this case. 

GM gave Taxi Defence Barristers 5 stars saying: 

“I would like to thank you all. You’re a great team.  I received support and guidance from Mr Stephen from the 1st second that I spoke with him. 


“Mrs Sarah is a magician, she knows how to guide and advise you in order to succeed and of course Ms Gillian, the barrister who turn upside down all the court room! 


“I won my appeal against TfL to grant me a licence because of my DBS! 


“If TFL says that you’re not fit and proper person to obtain a licence contact Taxi Defence Barristers.”

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