JT approached Taxi Defence Barristers having been convicted of a public order offence.  The offence took place whilst JT worked as a licensed driver. 

JT challenged the matter in Court and was convicted of a lesser public order offence. He had failed to disclose the charge and conviction but the information came to light when he submitted his renewal application. 

Working with JT, Taxi Defence Barristers investigated the criminal matter, obtained evidence and CCTV and got the Court records. We provide the conviction was for the lesser offence and whilst we accepted a failure to inform of the conviction was a breach of his requirements, we presented clear breaches in the way the licensing authority handled his case. 

On appeal, the Court agreed that the correct procedure was not followed and also that this single instance in a long and otherwise unblemished career should not have been used to define the outcome of the decision. 

The appeal was allowed and JT’s licence restored. 

Speaking after the appeal hearing, JT said: 

“After a ridiculous decision by my licensing authority I got in touch with these guys, from the 1st chat I felt comfortable and dealing with truly professional people. Always kept in the loop, reassured and always helpful when I rang worried about anything.   


“The day in court was amazing, Mr Gloag was fantastic and his knowledge exceptional, he got me the result we wanted and I’m back working. Would highly recommend and believe me, a fantastic bunch of people at the top of their game.”

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