Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, has confirmed the introduction of safeguarding training for Transport for London (TfL) licensed drivers and applicants. 

The Mayor was responding to a question from Liberal Democrat Caroline Pidgeon who asked whether “TfL considered offering training to taxi and private hire drivers to help identify and support the reporting of violence against women?” 

Khan said “In addition to safeguarding communications already issued to licensees, Transport for London plans to introduce a number of additional training modules to taxi and private hire drivers later this year. This includes an interactive online presentation focused on safeguarding and the role licensees can play in keeping their passengers, including women, children, young people and vulnerable adults, safe.

Why safeguarding training?

In July the Department for Transport issued statutory guidance for councils including TfL.  The new guidance states: 

All licensing authorities should provide safeguarding advice and guidance to the trade and should require taxi and private hire vehicle drivers to undertake safeguarding training. This is often produced in conjunction with the police and other agencies. These programmes have been developed to help drivers and operators: 

  • provide a safe and suitable service to vulnerable passengers of all ages;
  • recognise what makes a person vulnerable; and
  • understand how to respond, including how to report safeguarding concerns and where to get advice.

It is not clear at this stage, although assumed, that this training will be mandatory for existing licence holders but also a mandatory requirement for all new applicants.  

We have extensively written about TfL’s fit and proper (or character) requirements.  The safeguarding training is likely to form part of TfL’s fit and proper requirements.  In other words, it is likely to become a requirement for getting s licence.

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