Taxi Defence Barristers successfully overturn a decision by Transport for London (TfL) who refused to grant our client a driver’s licence.

Our client contacted us following a refusal from TfL to grant him his first licence.  TfL’s refusal was on the basis of a decision many years ago (but still valid) to add him to the barring list.

Taxi Defence Barristers initially asked TfL to review their decision on the basis they were not properly considering the facts of his case but TfL refused.

We consequently prepared the appeal and represented our client in Magistrate’s Court. We successfully argued that TfL had applied a blanket policy without considering the facts or properly considering the application. This meant they summarily refused the application and refused to consider their discretion.

The Court agreed and found that TfL were wrong in their approach and wrong in this case. They reversed the decision and granted the licence. They also took the unusual step in this case of awarding our client costs against TfL.

Out client, commenting after the hearing, said:

“Thank you so much for a job well done. Great result and very professional too. Your name will surely go places. Thanks for keeping to your words and the assurance.”

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