Taxi Defence Barristers successfully overturn a decision by Transport for London to revoke a driver’s licence.

The case involved rider complaints from Uber and Bolt. Some of these complaints were extremely serious criminal allegations which resulted in our client’s removal from both platforms. The complaints were not properly investigated by either of the companies.

TfL revoked our client’s licence.  On appeal, we highlighted the various inconsistencies in the complaints, the poor procedure by Uber and we challenged the Bolt complaint on the evidence.

We also highlighted the fact that TfL had carried out no investigation at all, they simply revoked the licence. The Court agreed and ruled against TfL and in favour of our client.

The case highlighted once more the grossly unfair procedures and positions of TfL when considering platform rider complaints and this time the Court took a stand and agreed. This is a very usual sort of case and shows that they can be won if the proper strategy is identified and implemented. It also demonstrates that if you get a fair hearing and your case is properly presented you can get a Court to overrule TfL even when there are a large number of rider feedback issues and serious allegations raised.

Our clients said:

“I was so worried as my appeal date was so close to the court. Taxi Defence Barristers worked through weekend and prepared my case. They also spoke to me on Sunday which was day before the court on Monday and went through everything with me which made me so comfortable.


“I am so glad and couldn’t thank you enough for the amount of work you have done for me. I won the case against TFL. I really appreciate your time & effort. I definitely would recommend your again and again. Thank you very much”

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