Taxi Defence Barristers was successful in an appeal against a decision by Transport for London to not renew a taxi (hackney carriage) driver’s licence.

The case was one involving historic criminal convictions. TfL refused to renew the licence of a driver who had his licence for over 20 years. They did so on the basis that he had been under police investigation for a sexual offence dating back to October 2016. The police case was not pursued however TfL proceeded to oppose on the basis of the seriousness of the allegation and the failure to inform. Despite representations, TfL maintained their position.

On appeal in court, Taxi Defence Barristers argued successfully that TfL had no idea what the facts of the police investigation were and had not actually carried out its own investigation and were proceeding to make a judgment on an unproven allegation alone. It was furthermore argued that there is no obligation to inform TfL of anything prior to a charge being made formally. The Magistrates’ agreed on all counts.

The case exposed the lack of willingness on the part of TfL to actually investigate allegations themselves and their blanket approach on refusals without any willingness to consider their discretion or proper analyse the case. Thankfully our client contacted Taxi Defence Barristers so we could carry out investigations and lay the groundwork to present a superficial TfL decision in such matters.

Our client said:

Following my initial contact with Taxi Barrister, I felt very comfortable with the outlines of the forward. Each stage from compiling details right through to the day in court, had been handled professionally and timely. The correct and right result achieved!

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