With the rules and regulations changing as often as they do, here is a round up of the Covid secure rules as the relate to the taxi and PH licensed trade.

Accessible transport

All equality and discrimination law continues to apply. All disability rights continue to apply to taxis/PHVs to ensure that those with protected characteristics, for example disabled people, the elderly and pregnant women, are able to access services.

Social contact/distancing

The “Rule of Six” does not apply to taxis/PHVs.  The duty to comply with social contact/distancing rules is the responsibility of passengers.  The guidance states:

“When travelling on … taxis, private hire vehicles … passengers must not gather with others outside of their group that is permitted under the relevant social contact rules. They should also try to keep within their group and distance themselves from others where possible.”

Face covering use by drivers

Public health advice is that transport staff (including taxi and private hire vehicle drivers) wear a face covering when they are unable to maintain social distancing in passenger facing roles.

Face covering use by passengers

Regulations mean passengers must wear a face covering when travelling in taxis/PHVs while they are in England. 

If a passenger is not wearing a face covering, taxi/PH drivers can:

  • prevent access to a public transport vehicle, including to a taxi or private hire vehicle
  • direct a passenger to wear a face covering in a public transport vehicle, including in a taxi or private hire vehicle
  • leave a public transport vehicle, including a taxi or private hire vehicle

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