The Government has laid Regulations in Parliament that will make it mandatory for council’s to regularly upload certain taxi & PH data to a national database.

The Air Quality (Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles Database) (England and Wales) Regulations 2019 are expected to come in to force in April 2019 and will require all councils responsible for licensing taxis and PHVs in England and Wales to provide certain information about the taxis and PHVs that they have licensed to a central portal on a minimum weekly basis.

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This will include as a minimum, the Vehicle Registration Number, start and expiry date of the vehicle licence, whether the vehicle is a taxi or PHV and the name of the licensing authority.

The central database will form part of the infrastructure that government is developing to support the introduction of charging Clean Air Zones by some local authorities from 2020 as part of their local plans to ensure compliance with statutory nitrogen dioxide limits in the shortest possible time.

In some cases, local authorities will implement Clean Air Zones that apply charges to taxis and PHVs but not to private cars. Local authorities may also wish to set a different level of charge for taxis and PHVs and private cars. In these circumstances, local authorities will need to be able to distinguish private cars from taxis and PHVs.”

Stephen McCaffrey

Regulatory Barrister and Head of Taxi Defence Barristers.

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