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Follow us on TwitterFollow us on LinkedinWhilst we still await the Department for Transport’s final Task and Finish Group on Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle licensing report, the newly re-elected chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Taxis has given an indication of the lobbying they will be focussing on in the forthcoming year.
Although the APPG on Taxis – as with all other the APPGs – have no official status within Parliament, they are run by Members of the Commons and Lords and can therefore be very influential in terms of Government policy.
APPG on Taxis’ chair, Wes Streeting MP, recently said that the group’s priority areas this year will be:

  • Taxi and private hire reforms
  • Inquiry into the modern taxi industry
  • More charging points for electric cars

In particular, Mr Streeting said they will be seeking reforms to address the national issue of cross-border hiring and lobbying for a legally enforceable statutory definition of plying for hire.
Although he did not elaborate further, the APPG’s report last year made the following recommendations that it will be lobbying the Government on this coming year:

  • Grant the Mayor of London and any other Mayors or combined authorities who request it, the power to cap the number of PHVs;
  • Create a statutory definition of cross border hiring whereby a journey must “begin or end in the licensing authority where the licence was issued”;

Consult on statutory guidance for taxi and PHV licensing and set out a robust set of minimum licensing standards for all licensing authorities.