At taxi defence barristers we have always advocated that there is a value in writing to a licensing authority to ask them to reconsider a decision. Sadly however we are seeing increasing numbers of drivers approaching us for advice on appealing decisions when no attempt had been made to communicate with the licensing officer or the licensing authority to ask them to reconsider a refusal or revocation.

Some clients have spent huge amounts of money on advice from so-called taxi experts who claim to practice in taxi licensing law but actually do not. Rather than make attempts to resolve the issue on behalf of their clients the so-called taxi experts have lodged appeals against decisions.

Regardless of the area of licensing law in question communication with licensing officers and licensing authorities is vital to increase the chances of a successful outcome on behalf of taxi drivers. The failure to engage in open communication with the relevant authority is appalling.

In the last month alone taxi defence barristers have managed to secure three reconsideration is within TfL before an appeal has even been necessary and to after the lodging of an appeal. We estimate that those clients have saved in the region of £2000 by coming to us first.

If you are having difficulty with the licensing authority in respect of obtaining a taxi licence please make sure that you carry out research on your representative. At taxi defence barristers we have a small dedicated an expert team of licensing barristers who practice in nothing else. We carry out free initial assessments to give you some guide as to whether you have a case or not. If we advise that you do, we always operate on a fixed fee basis. Contact us now to get the advice you need.