Taxi Driver Legal Service

Do you need a taxi driver legal service? Chances are that question may not have even occurred to you till something happens out of the blue where taxi regulations may have been accidentally infringed, Black Cab complaints are made about your vehicle or conduct to the Public Carriage Office. As a taxi driver receiving a notice that you may face revocation of your licence, you know you need to act quickly and may need to quickly launch a taxi licence revoked appeal. Aspiring taxi drivers going through the tremendous effort of acquiring ‘The Knowledge’ face a huge setback when they have their license applications refused. There can often be complex legal circumstances surrounding taxi license refusal and revocation.
Taxi driver legal service

Do you need a taxi driver legal service?

For Taxi drivers and especially Hackney Carriage or Black Cab drivers working in London, taxi licenses take huge amount of time and effort to attain. Often it can take a minimum of two years, often a lot longer, where drivers will have been learning ‘the Knowledge’ of London in all weathers whilst driving a moped, and all at their own expense. A taxi driver can lose their livelihood because of decisions taken by TfL (Transport for London) and the PCO (Public Carriage Office) to refuse to renew licenses. These rulings can occur on the basis of criminal convictions, failure to notify or issues of medical fitness. Due to the complexity of taxi regulations and laws, it is essential that taxi drivers seek professional help in such circumstances.

If you facing license refusal or revocation you need to speak to our taxi driver legal service as soon as possible. We are experienced, specialist taxi defence barristers. We offer high quality specialist advocacy and advisory services. We work actively to prepare your case and representing you at hearings.

Our taxi legal service can help

Our taxi driver legal service also keep you informed with regular updates. You will be in control of your own case. We may be able to work with you under the Public Access Scheme. If you are interested in instructing a barrister under the scheme, just call our staff on 0203 119 1192 or send us your details using our contact page. We will take details of your case and we will get back to you. We ensure value for money in the services we provide. We offering fixed costs wherever possible so you are always fully in control, consequently we are extremely cost effective.

Don’t put it off

In order to give yourself the best possible chance of success in an appeal against taxi license refusal or revocation, it is always advisable to act as early as you can. This gives us the maximum time to gather relevant evidence and put forward the strongest possible case in your defence .

Contact our taxi driver legal service today to start taking back control of your situation.