Taxi Licence Refused Appeal – Getting Help!

Do you need to make a taxi licence refused appeal? In the UK, taxi drivers need be licensed by the local council. The rules around taxi licensing apply to both private hire and hackney (including black cab/FX4) drivers.

A council has powers to refuse a taxi licence, but can a council actually prevent you from being granted a taxi licence? As usual with questions of legality, regulation and the variety of circumstances sometimes involved, when it comes to taxi licensing appeals answers are not quite so clear cut. An example of the complexity of these rules appears on one local government website.

Before issuing a taxi licence to a driver, the local council must be satisfied that the applicant is a ‘fit and proper person‘. If the council refuses to issue a licence, the applicant can appeal to the Taxi Licensing Committee. If that appeal is unsuccessful, the driver can still make an appeal to the local Magistrates’ Court. At this stage the burden of proof is on the council to prove that the driver is not a fit and proper person. The council may also attach certain conditions on a taxi licence, against which it is also possible to launch an appeal.

Taxi Licence Refused Appeal

Taxi Licence Refused Appeal – why you need to

The powers granted to them mean that local councils can suspend or revoke taxi licences on a range of grounds, e.g. convictions for dishonesty, indecency or violence. The taxi driver can appeal against this to the Magistrates’ Court and in most cases may continue to drive pending an appeal. Those appeals must be lodged within 21 days of the council’s decision.

We are here to help!

If you need to make a taxi licence refused appeal, our dedicated team of taxi driver defence barristers can help with. We have had repeated success with taxi licensing appeals, challenging the decisions of TFL (Transport for London) and the PCO (Public Carriage Office). We can help with both a taxi licence refused appeal and with a taxi licence revoked appeal. These circumstances can arise from criminal convictions, issues of medical fitness or a failure to notify. Our barristers take very seriously the responsibility of guiding our clients through what can seem a quite arbitary and complicated system. We make sure they understand at each stage what is happening and why.
Please contact us to appeal your taxi licence refusal.