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Uber’s Brighton operating licence refused

Brighton and Hove Council have refused to renew Uber’s operating licence in the city. The council refused to grant the renewal of Uber’s operating licence because, amongst other reasons, it had concerns over Uber’s commitment to use only Brighton and Hove licensed...

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Cross-border hiring

In the last PHTM issue (March 2017) I wrote about a recent case involving Delta Taxis and Uber challenging an intended use policy adopted by Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council which was the council’s attempt to address cross-border hiring in its locality. The issue...

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Where do you draw the line?

Cross-border hiring and sub-contracting is increasingly becoming the norm for many hackney carriage and private hire drivers and operators throughout England and Wales.  In terms of the licensed trade, local authority and geographic boundaries are increasingly...

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When is a fare fair?

Licensing authorities have a statutory power to set the maximum fares that licensed hackney carriages (taxis) can charge for a journey. Under section 65 of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976, licensing authorities have the power to “…fix the...

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Insurance matters

It is a legal requirement that you must have the right level of insurance if you are licensed to drive a licensed taxi or private hire vehicle.  Most insurance policies for licensed vehicles will generally include a policy limitation of: Use for business purposes and...

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The Fit and Proper Person Test

The purpose of this blog entry is to describe what the fit and proper person test is, who it applies to and its practical application. The test applies to licensed drivers for both hackney carriages and private hire vehicles (phv) and also to private hire operators....

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Fit and Proper Person Test

Fit and Proper Person Test The ‘Fit and Proper Person Test’ is part of the process of safeguarding the public. The Local Government Association issue guidance on taxi and PHV licensing. In their introduction they set out their remit, stating that the...

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What does Revoked Taxi License Mean

What does Revoked Taxi License Mean When looking into the question of ‘what does Revoked Taxi License Mean?’ you quickly find that the law is complex and takes into account a number for factors. After a complaint is made to the Public Carriage Office about...

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How to Become a Taxi Driver

How to Become a Taxi Driver How to Become a Taxi Driver – London Black Cab drivers need to acquire ‘the Knowlege’. As taxis can be hailed in the street and asked to go anywhere, London taxi drivers must have a thorough knowledge of the capital. This...

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Public Carriage Office Complaints

Public Carriage Office Complaints Public Carriage Office Complaints occur from time to time when a customer’s experience of a taxi journey can be less than they hoped it would be. The Public Carriage Office has the facility to investigate incidents in order to ensure...

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Taxi Driver Laws UK

Taxi Driver Laws UK Taxi Driver Laws UK related to Black Cab complaints and Minicab complaints are summarised in Transport for London’s Abstract of Laws, (TfL) General guidance on hackney carriage law for London’s licensed taxi drivers.The Abstract of the laws...

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Taxi Licence

Taxi Licence Taxi Licence issues in London are governed by Transport for London (TfL), Their website provides a gateway to find out how to become a taxi or private hire licensee also provides the latest notices for current drivers. The TfL website also gives advice...

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Hackney Carriage Laws

Hackney Carriage Laws Hackney Carriage Laws apply to hackney carriages (which is also variously called a cabs, black cabs, hack or London taxis). ‘Hackney Carrage’ is an old fashioned term that goes right back to 1654 when the UK parliament approved...

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Taxi Licensing

Taxi Licensing The main TfL (Transport for London) website is a useful source of information for taxi licensing. Their remit is to license London’s taxi and private hire drivers to ensure a safe and reliable service for the public. TfL maintain links for...

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Taxi Driver Legal Service

Taxi Driver Legal Service Do you need a taxi driver legal service? Chances are that question may not have even occurred to you till something happens out of the blue where taxi regulations may have been accidentally infringed, Black Cab complaints are made about your...

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Black Cab Complaints

Black Cab Complaints Black Cab Complaints occur from time to time. Whilst It should be noted that driver complaints make up a very small percentage of the total annual taxi journeys taken.  When a customer makes a complaint, they need to ensure that the following...

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Black Cab Regulation vs Uber

Black Cab Regulation vs Uber Black Cab Regulation vs Uber – It is clear that different rules apply to Black Cabs/Hackney Carraiges and Uber drivers. The rapidly growing Uber business model has global reach and raises questions of safety, fairness and regulation....

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Taxi License Revoked Appeal

Taxi License Revoked Appeal Taxi License Revoked Appeal If you are facing taxi license revocation, you need to think about making a Taxi License Revoked Appeal. Getting your license revoked can have a devastating effect on your career, your livelihood and your...

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Taxi License Refusal

Taxi License Refusal Have you had you taxi license refused? We don’t underestimate impact a taxi license refusal can have on your career and livelihood of a taxi driver and also your family. Taxi license refusal process according to the Home Office If we judge...

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Taxi legal services when you need them

Taxi Defence Barristers are taxi legal team who specialise in helping drivers who have had their licences refused or revoked. Our barristers have challenged the decisions of TfL and the PCO for many clients. We don’t underestimate importance of guiding clients through the complexities of hackney carriage and private hire laws. We ensure our clients understand at each stage what is going on.

Please contact us to discuss your taxi license refusal or revocation.

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