Taxi Licence

Taxi Licence issues in London are governed by Transport for London (TfL), Their website provides a gateway to find out how to become a taxi or private hire licensee also provides the latest notices for current drivers. The TfL website also gives advice and updates on legal requirements and consultations.

The purpose of taxi licensing for London’s taxi and private hire drivers is to ensure a safe and reliable service for the public. Their website provides two routes for taxi licensing, one, to become a taxi licensee, the other to become a private hire licensee.

Taxi Licence

The TfL website maintains the following links for licensing related enquiries:

  • Apply for a taxi driver licence
  • Apply for a taxi vehicle licence
  • Information for fleet owners
  • Learn the Knowledge of London
  • Taxi top advertising
  • Apply for a private hire driver licence
  • Apply for a private hire vehicle licence
  • Apply for a private hire operator licence
  • Topographical skills centres
  • Existing licensee
  • Licensing information
  • Licence checker

When issues arise, TfL can act to revoke or refuse a taxi licence. From time to time taxi drivers may find themselves facing licensing issues and need the help of a taxi driver defence barrister. Decisions of TfL (Transport for London) and the PCO (Public Carriage Office) to refuse to renew licences whether it be on the basis of criminal convictions, failure to notify or issues of medical fitness can mean the loss a taxi licence and the end of a livelihood for a taxi driver. Due to the complexity of taxi licence legislation, it is imperative that taxi drivers with legal issues relating to Public Carriage Office complaints seek professional help.

We are here to help!

Taxi Driver Defence Barristers are an expert team who specialise in taxi licence refusal and revocation appeals. Our taxi barristers have had numerous successes in challenging the decisions of TfL and the PCO. Our barristers realise the importance of guiding clients through the complexities of taxi laws. We make sure our clients understand at each stage what is happening and why.

Please contact us to discuss your taxi licence refusal or revocation.


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