Taxi Driver Laws UK

Taxi Driver Laws UK related to Black Cab complaints and Minicab complaints are summarised in Transport for London’s Abstract of Laws, (TfL) General guidance on hackney carriage law for London’s licensed taxi drivers.The Abstract of the laws relating to London taxi drivers was issued as required by section 8 of the London Hackney Carriages Act 1843.

The Abstract is not an ‘exhaustive or definitive statement of the laws governing the use of taxis and has itself no force of law’. Reference should be made to the text of the statutes, etc. quoted. The Abstract of Laws should be used for general guidance only. The law as expressed is correct on 1 January 2013.

Taxi Driver Laws UK

Our barristers don’t underestimate importance of guiding clients through the complexities of taxi laws.'

The abstract goes on to describe an overview of Taxi Driver Laws UK and makes references to ‘taxis’ as referring to hackney carriages or cabs as distinct from private hire vehicles or minicabs. A list of the principal Acts, etc. is provided in the Abstract together (shown below) with the abbreviations used when referring to them. All references are assumed to cover any amendments to Acts/regulations in question.

  • Taxi driver’s licences and badges
  • Taxi licences, plates, notices and marks
  • Plying for Hire
  • Offences relating to the conduct of drivers and management of taxis
  • Taxi ranks
  • Taximeters
  • Fares
  • Taxi sharing
  • Carrying Guide Dogs and other assistance dogs
  • Bilking by hirers
  • Carriage of extra persons, luggage, etc.
  • Lost property
  • Conveyance of infected persons
  • Legal proceedings
  • Taxis at railway stations
  • Heathrow Airport Byelaws

There are substantial legal complexities to wade through when considering taxi driver laws uk, and taxi legal issues can sometimes arise that can mean a taxi driver may need to make a taxi license revoked appeal or a refusal to renew. Taxi drivers, and especially in London, put in a huge effort to qualify for their taxi licences. The decisions of TfL (Transport for London) and the PCO (Public Carriage Office) to refuse to renew licenses whether it be on the basis of criminal convictions, failure to notify or issues of medical fitness can mean the loss of livelihood for taxi drivers. Due to the complexities of taxi driver laws in the uk, it is very important that drivers seek professional help.

We are here to help!

Taxi Driver Defence Barristers are an expert team  who specialise in taxi licence refusal and revocation appeals. Our taxi barristers have had significant success in challenging the decisions of TfL and the PCO. Our barristers don’t underestimate importance of guiding clients through the complexities of taxi laws. We make sure our clients understand at each stage what is happening and why.

Please contact us to discuss your taxi license refusal or revocation.


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